Life is full of choices, right or wrong, left or right, up or down, profit or loss. A small conjunction determines the impact of our choices in our lives but it is not always we who have the privilege of choosing as sometimes we are ought to do things which our mind does not permit to. Choices lead to disasters and sometimes can change your fortune.  

You wake up and you breathe and even if you are not awake you breathe, it is something you can not choose and you are fine with it rather you are grateful as you are able to live. Is there anything else for which you feel the same. To be able to do things that you love will never make you feel as if you need a choice. Life is not so easy either, everything is a package and comes with a but and a condition. If you are ready to accept it then well and good.

I am not ready, are you? Confused state is the best state one can be in! You find out various ways out and finding ways out does not make you an escapist, does it? Even if so, you own …

Society today!

We are living in a techno-society, which is run and driven by technology and the fuel is networking. People believe in social networking more than actual networking.We are more comfortable behind our screens, have you ever realized what will you talk about with a person with whom you have been chatting for a long time? The virtual conversations have become so very real that we can hardly differentiate, lol and rofl have now become a common tongue, instead of laughing out loud and expressing the real feeling people choose to express that by saying lol, isn't it weird and half dead.
We have taken our virtual lives so seriously that it has become more important than our real lives, a Facebook password is more important than your ATM pin, you will find people knowing your ATM pin but a Facebook password would be hard to crack. A friend would not call you or text you but casual tag on a social networking site would make you feel special and you would feel as if that friend has not yet…

Optimism isn't enough!

Optimistic approach towards anything makes the thing doable but it lengthens the time. You sit back and when when you fail to proceed anymore, your own completely optimistic approach ceases you to find various other ways to succeed. On the other hand if you add a pinch of pessimism to your positivity you will be able to find out other methods too.

Optimism is enhanced by a set of examples of successful people. If we are supposed to follow our ideals and wait for the time to come then we will never be able to become examples, we will have to follow their path for a lifetime without even trying to pave one. If following successful people would make you successful like them, then there would have been hundreds of Ambanis and Tatas and Gates but we know only one or two of each. What made the difference? We have to discover that and then pave our own path.

Prefer to be pessimistically optimistic and it will do the trick!

Take a vacation!

Tired of doing the same thing everyday, watching the same faces and listening to the same voices? It is time to change things. You must have had a playlist in your phone, which now must have been replaced by some application. Whatever it might be but you do not want to listen to the same songs everyday, you keep on changing the tracks or shuffle the songs. You might be thinking, how can changing the playlist be compared to the routine, anything can be compare. Anyways, that was not comparison, it was a sort of motivation.

Everyone deserves a vacation in order to stop the self from becoming mechanical. We do not want to be mechanical, instead we want to be practical. If one thinks practically, he/she will know the importance of a vacation. A vacation which will allow you to stop worrying about the same things for some days at least. You will get an opportunity to see a true reflection and will be able to discover your own self.

Do not work so hard that you get sick and tired of it. Yo…

Name !

"What is your name boy?" The old man asked, but the boy did not want to respond and that increased the level of curiosity in the aged man. The grey haired man somehow collected all his will to go near him and approach one more time, he did not ask the same question. This time he said," ok! if you are not willing to tell me your name, no issues, do you mind if I go with you?" Finally, the boy got irritated and said,"I have no name and I do not want any company." The old man smiled and said, " son I do understand that you are disturbed right now and you want to be alone but people after spending sometime with me do feel relieved." 
The angry young boy with a frown on his face," Can I just stay alone for sometime! As soon as the bus comes, I will board it and leave, now you can leave!" The old man chuckled and said that everyone in this viscinity knows that no buses pass through this lane and it has been more than a year now. Okay! I los…


Diversification is a term generally used by multinational companies, but it is applicable to us humans as well. A company diversifies when it wants or needs to expand its wings and fly higher, similarly we can diversify too in order to expand our knowledge. We tend to do the same things on a daily basis and that kills the opportunity to gain more. We should start emptying our buckets so that we can gain more in the long run.
We get 24 hours a day out of which a fixed amount of 8 to 10 hours is spent on the chores which we perform to earn our bread and butter or to make ourselves able to get that opportunity to work, in other words that time is spent either in office or in schools or colleges. This is an era of matured people where there is no minimum age to gain maturity, people from the age of 10 to 40 are doing the same things. Most of the time is consumed by the internet which has no restrictions as far as the age is concerned. So, 14 hours are left for each one of us out of which…

Life, endless it is!

Life has  now become a small cubicle where you are siting with dropped down revolving chair and the walls of the zones which you are assigned, form the horizon. You wake up, think about doing something new but the tiredness prevails and a tired brain is very harmful. From the outside everything will be fine but deep within you are tired of the same thing that is going on day in and day out.
What is the sole purpose? Have you ever tried to find out? Nobody is born with a purpose, we have to discover it. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, finding satisfaction in that is not your purpose, moving ahead and exploring becomes your purpose then. Our sole purpose should be to spread happiness and remain happy.
Life is like a waterfall, we cannot change the direction of the stream but yes we can go with the flow. We have to take risks otherwise we will remain at the bay. We need to start taking risks and stop following other's footsteps, instead we should pave our own path. We…