Sunday, January 8, 2017

ONE LIFE : make it count

Life is the best gift that you will ever receive and you keep getting it until the very last day. So, if you are alive, why waste time on silly things of the past? But one thing should always be kept in mind and that is the lessons learnt from the past. Seldom does the past act as a mirror which reminds you of the monster or the good person that you once used to be. Try to keep the good things from the past and such selective nature should be maintained in the present and the coming future as well.

As long as there is breath in your lungs, you should strive to make a change or be the change. One should always try to do good for others. It has never been about you, if you are alive does not mean that you forget everyone else. You have to learn to get along, make others realize that yes, they are alive as well. If someone helps you to discover your potential good, you do the same things too.

You have got only one life, make it count.On the verge of doing something great or extraordinary, do not forget the,'ordinary', that you once used to be, otherwise you would be called a hypocrite. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dance to the beats of life !

Activate your ears and start listening to the beats which life has, instead of worrying about the next day or the things that you did the last day. It is as simple as putting the ear plugs on and dancing to the beats. There are people who love to do new things everyday and meet new people everyday, but out of thousands of people around, they hardly manage to talk with a few of them. Instead of making efforts to make new friends and meeting new people let us all make an effort to understand and interpret the story of the people around. You might see the the same passerby every day but have you ever tried to understand him, no, why would you? That is one valid question! Is is not necessary but that is what is called sonder. Every random being has a story and those somehow connect the dots of your life. That is what adds meaning to your life. 

This world is round and is continuously evolving with time and we are the ones who are bringing about this change, you never know when you come across a person who has a similar story. Stories are nothing but experiences which you gain with every passing moment f your life. Make your life worth something by adding more stories to it, so that by the end of it you have things to share, things which are abstract. Otherwise, by the end of your life you will have nothing but a bag full of regrets saying,'I used to lead the same life everyday'.

Start enjoying your life as you have got only one.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Treacherous numbers !

One day you wake up and find that neither your phone nor your watch is working, the next thing that you check is your laptop, later you find out that, that too is not working and all the other things that give you an idea of time have stopped breathing. Would you die? No, you would not. The show will go on but it will soon make sense and will become a bit more ambiguous for many people. Time is a catalyst and a parameter that continuously keeps on either motivating or demotivating people.

The day you start leading your life without the sense of time, rather without trying to capture time; you will realize that the numbers which determine time are actually very treacherous. In order to elaborate let us take this example; you wake up, the way it started without any hold of time, and start walking and suddenly you get confused about the portion of the day it is, is it early morning or is it just the beginning of the night? The best time to understand this is on a early winter morning. One thing that would first strike to you is, are you a victim of somnambulism(sleepwalking). Funny it would be, but it would only be possible when you don't have a grab of time. 

Determination of happiness would depend only on the way you lead your life, not on the ticking seconds, as you would hear the sound of none. Will it ever be possible? Of course not, but pondering upon such kind of things will only waste your time. Sometimes wasting time on these kind of things will only help making your lives better.  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When nature calls you!

The first that could have ever come into existence was nature and hopefully that would be the last thing that would remain and obviously in the most unnatural form. Whatever we see around us that had been there much before we started breathing is slowly being replaced by man-made pandemonium, malls and skylines. Work is worship motto has been replaced by the motto work is obsession and this obsession is forcing the people not to concentrate on the nature that still exists.
We should feel privileged for being one of the last generation to witness the beauty of the last remnants of the nature.

People are so much engrossed in their day to day activities that they do not find time to pay heed to the beautiful and large yet minute activities going around them. Large yet minute, why? If we take an example of the sun rise, how many people do you think experience the thrill of watching the rising sun? Most of them don't do, either most of the people sleep or the remaining are in a rush of going to the offices. This rush and unwanted phobia of punctuality has killed the interest of people in discovering the beauty of nature.

Beauty lies everywhere, have you ever noticed the rising sun on a wintry morning? It seems as if  the sun is coming out of the blanket of clouds as it is warm enough, and the spreading lights are like the arms stretching just as we do after we wake up. There is so much to relate and so much to learn from the nature yet we choose to confine ourselves and our thoughts to a computer screen.    

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Homesick !

Hunger is what keeps the food chain active. The corporate world somewhat resembles the food chain, the only difference is that no one slays or eats anyone. Today it is all about survival of the wittiest, stomach is what drives the motivation and determination of a person. Why food chain? Everyone waits for a job, either someone quits his job and someone replaces him or there are new vacancies, which result in the migration of the youth.

India is among those countries which has got a huge population within the age range of twenty five to twenty eight and that group has got the power of the pen and we all are well aware of the fact that a pen is mightier than a sword. Youngsters leave their home for better job opportunities and in that process they neither get the taste of the home made food nor a glimpse of their parents for years. Yes, internet does bridge the gap but a virtual presence can never beat the warmth of a hug from one's mother.

Evolution is inevitable and so is change. This is what determines the constant migration of the youngsters irrespective of caste and gender. They frequently keep on moving to the booming industrial places or cities in India and all round the world. Adapting to the new lifestyle, the food and a completely new culture seems nothing to them, but somewhere they remember and bear in mind the memories of their hometown and as soon as they come across similar kind of people, happiness knows no limit. Soon as they leave their places, they try to be at home wherever they move to but homesickness is the only thing that hovers around. One thing that comes to their rescue is the selfish and exaggerated discussion about the native food and the mouth-watering experiences at the best food stations. 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach', the quote says it all and this is the first thing that can overpower homesickness, being homesick despite having good food is something which one can experience in Hyderabad.  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Resources are limited, time too !

Resources and time go parallely with you, when you divert your path to catch time you lose hold of the resources and when you try to use the resources near you, time walks ahead. 'You come alone' and you have been listening to this phrase ever since your childhood when you did not even have the conscience to understand the difference between nothing and everything. When you finally start realizing the importance and the benefits of the resources around you, time has already gained so much speed that you start giving up.

Now, if you be with yourself, appreciating and applauding all the things that you already have and all the time that you have without even trying to explore new things; resources will not wait for you. When you finally wake up from the appreciation sleep, new resources will replace the old ones and you will consume more time to adapt to those new aliens.

The best possible way, not to regret about anything later in our lives is to try to keep a balance between time and the consumption of time to utilize the resources at the right time. 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Getting into a routine.

Getting into a routine, doesn't it sound like getting inside a cage? The good thing about this cage is that you have got the keys. In order to be a recognized personality, one has to follow a routine or one can say that a person has to become a prisoner of time. The continuously ticking seconds and minutes become the bars of the cage and once a person is imprisoned, he can unleash himself only when his mind and soul has either given up or has dissolved in the continuous turmoil of the routine.The truth is that routine is necessary but if you have got the keys then why keep yourself locked 24 x 7. Every now and then one should choose to come out of the isolation(virtually created) and try to fly, swim and even crawl for a change.

Duty, what comes to your mind when you come across that word? Is it responsibility, punctuality and all the good traits? You be good and you do good but if you are not well, how can you perform? In order to be good one has to spend time on self, analyse things and ask questions to himself. That is the only way by which one can deliver. Once you start understanding yourself, getting into a routine will no more be a mundane task or a difficult one too.