Sunday, August 14, 2016


Have you realized lately that you are beautiful? You are different from others and unique in every possible manner. You are a person with a very different soul and the best thing about you is that you breathe, you breathe every single second and you have the ability to think but you don’t think that you are special. You might have identical pair of eyes and ears but you see things with a very different perspective and a sound which might be noise to others’ is melody for you. You might have an IQ just like your friend but you think in an improvised manner. This makes you different and you are beautiful.
No, the blue shirt does not make you look good, it is because of you that the shirt looks good; it is because of you that the shoes look perfect and you are unique that way. You are not causing any harm to anyone when you are thinking that you are perfect the way you are, imperfection is also a form of perfection. Perfectionists will not be able to lead an imperfect life but imperfect people will. There is beauty in everything you do, the way you speak and the way you interact. The mirror feels blessed to have you in front of itself every single morning.

Every single individual is ‘YOU’, only if you realize it and everyone is unique and beautiful. Life is beautiful and so are you, just open the knots of ego and let yourself go.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Generation !

Generation refers to a group of people who are born and who live at the same time. Generation gap is something which has been there since this cycle began and will remain until we become extinct. It has been a very common trend to blame people who belong to the so called other generation. Our elders reprimand us for being a bad generation and we laugh at today’s children for being a bad  generation.
Generation is not supposed to remain the same, it is the rule of the nature to change as change is the only thing which is permanent and it should be. People who are in their twenties now would claim that they had not even used a phone (mobile), even when they were in high school, most of them would. A phone which is available at rupees six thousand now would cost around twenty thousand then and however rich you are or you were, it matters and it would matter. A friend made everything clear one night, we were actually afraid of using such gadgets. One will not be able to deny that, we were very much afraid of the consequences.
Internet is easily available now and children prefer to ask Google about their problems instead of asking their parents or teachers, they are just one click away from all the answers. Google has now become the Gita and Quran. Today children are smarter and are leading happy and easy lives, the definition of difficulty has also changed and that is the reason everyone can differentiate; still there are children who do not get a glimpse of such virtual universe, somewhere in your mind you might think that those children are leading better lives.
The definition of childhood has changed too and the next fifty years might bring out something even newer or the stone may roll back to where it used o be. This is generation and it evolves. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Time: When you have plenty, but you cannot afford to waste it !

As soon as you are out of your college, you are in the midst of a great confusion, whether to work or not; if work, where to work? The main confusion arises when one decides to work out the brain for longer years, that is, when one decides to study further. The bridge between starting further studies and ending the previous study has got a very unique idea of time. You seem to have a bank full of time but you will not want to spend it at all. You will want to spend as much time as possible on your study but a point will come when everything you do will seem mundane, as you fail to find the willing results and then you will think that you are useless.

The easiest part is to give up but strong people don’t, all you will need at that point of time is a source of inspiration and a bag full of desperation to reach the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is not to become successful but to find the right path. Once you find the path, you will find means to reach the destination and success will be defined by you as the definition of success varies from person to person.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Parasites !

The human society, natural ecosystem or mother earth collectively is filled with parasites. Parasites do not only mean the biological parasites, the parasitic nature of the living beings also determines the population of the parasites residing on this planet. The parasites will stick to you as long as their needs are fulfilled, once they do not get what they want, they change their source. We humans are the biggest forms of parasites and we are the only victims as well.
Intelligence is something that causes the downfall of a human-being, one keeps on believing that he is clever enough to survive on this planet but he hardly realizes that he has already become a victim of a parasite, he had become a victim of a parasite the day when he had gained consciousness and righteousness. This is not the era of saints, that people will give up everything and try to lead a life of peace, humans want more and this want for more is something that victimizes them. The more you want , the more you will have to depend on others and the more people will try to suck out resources from you, a time will come when parasites will no more be parasites, they will try to rule you and every time you will try to stop it your metal will fail to do so.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Soliloquy, dillusion,illusion,apparition, god, angel and all other such abstracts and non-abstracts form the building blocks of the life of an artist. An artist, what defines an artist? Is it the art that he works upon or the person himself. It is never easy to define an artist. Everyone is an artist, hence one can define an artist in a million of possible ways and that is what makes it so very difficult. In easy and simple terms one can define an artist by the manner that person discovered his art.

Now, why dillusion? An art is nothing but a dillusion and the artist, a dillusioner. The artist tries to create a dillusion be it with the help of his painting or music or dance. An artist can create a tranquil atmosphere and when he wishes he can send you to a dimension of devastation and destruction.

Everyone, right from the richest man to the poorest man in this world is an artist, the richest man knows the art of managing his riches on the other hand the poorest man knows the art of survival despite being the unluckiest one. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nature !

There is so much equality in nature that even when wind blows you will not notice even a pinch of partiality in it. The trees decide whether the leaves will wave or not, each and every leaf gets the taste of the wind, sunlight is also distributed equally, for those leaves which don’t get the light they might blame their fate, on the other hand those leaves are blessed with something new. Adaptation is the biggest blessing of any living organism, be it a tree or a human being. In places where there is a possibility of lesser sunlight, trees are taller so that they can get enough sunlight for photosynthesis while in places where there is less water you will find cactus. Adaptation happens with necessity; this is what we humans don’t understand. Adaptation, evolution and survival are all interrelated. We, despite being so much evolved and developed, don’t understand the laws of nature. Nature teaches us the laws of distribution and equality. For past thousands of years we have learnt nothing and hence inequality prevails. If we start following the laws of equality of the nature then one day we as an unit will become as beautiful as our mother earth.  

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fear !

Fear occupies a space in the heart of every living being in this ecosystem. Fear is nothing but a being's own creation. Let us think about ourselves, we are considered the most intelligent living beings as we know every possible way to survive in this ecosystem. Every member of the ecosystem has something to be afraid of, the smaller member is afraid of getting eaten up by a larger one where as the larger one is afraid of not finding a smaller one. We on the other hand don't have to worry about such things; we cultivate our own food, shelter and whatever else is needed for survival.

If we human beings are so much capable that we can easily do things which will help us to survive, then why be afraid of anything? Actually, the thing is we are the creators of our own fears, there are billions of human beings on this planet and there might be a possibility of a billion types of fear. However, fear can be classified mainly as a feeling of losing something or someone. Usually when a person is very much attached to something or someone, the person starts developing a feeling and that is what defines fear. A person is very much afraid of losing his or her belongings like his house, car, might be a wrist watch, these are some common things. When we go deep, if a person loves someone very much he is afraid of losing that person. 

This beautiful thing, abstract thing, called attachment is the main cause of fear. Sometimes you realize it very late that you are attached to something or someone and later when you realize it, you start becoming insecure and insecurity is one form of fear which is most common with the youth.

The only thing that will help you to get of this state of fear is giving up all forms of attachment, that does not mean that you will have to become a monk, one can give up all forms of attachment and lead a life as a normal human being. If someone has something in excess, he can give the excess to someone who needs it, that does not make him a monk and still he gives up attachment and fear has no space.