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As long as you are not doing anything different you will not be able to find the meaning of new. You keep on doing the same errands everyday and finally after years you realize that you had never tried anything different and hence you have not learnt anything new. Is it really necessary to do that? Yes, it is! You are riding a bike and all you find is a straight highway with nothing but empty land around, it is obvious that the ride would turn out to be really boring after sometime, you need some curves, some hills, some valleys at least to make the ride interesting, isn't it?

Life is like a ride which does not become interesting without any difficulty in it. How long do you play a game with the same difficulty level in it? The only difference is that in life you do not get to set the difficulty levels. Whatever you get on the way you have to accept it or you have to find something new. New is you, every time you do something different you discover the new you and you would be am…

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