Monday, October 24, 2016

Be silly not shy !

The most important thing that is missing now a days is a small smile on the faces around you, laughter can only be heard in the laughter therapy classes. Stress has taken over everything, the shares of optimism are losing their value in the stock market of mankind. If you are searching for answers, be it any, you can surely try to help reduce the stress around you just by spreading happiness. How will that provide answers to your question? It will not, but it would in the process give you a sense of satisfaction and your stress will be reduced too.
If you are humble enough and practice gratitude and sometimes if you act silly as well, people around you will surely feel good. They will get an opportunity to laugh out loud and if being silly makes you an hypocrite then you can be hypocrite for the rest of your life for the betterment of the society. If you choose to be shy, you will end up being an introvert and you will remain a spectator to the events of the society, until and unless you change your mind. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Opinion !

We are all unique and the most important thing that determines our uniqueness is our ability to have an opinion about anything or everything. This is what makes us non identical, our conscience, sub-conscious and our IQ determines our opinion. Opinion or opinions might be same but the most important factor is having one, some might be blatant enough not to have an opinion; it is for such people that having opinion is not mandatory for survival. People who blindly or willingly follow others without even having the eagerness to do something new, should never even dare to do so as their efforts would be futile. People of that kind do not have the heart to challenge the authority. Ironically, you don't have to challenge the authority always or you need not have an opposing attitude always as positive things or good things might come easily. It has become a habit to doubt, if people get things easily or at a cheap price,they doubt the quality; this kind of attitude has been instilled in our minds by the ongoing events.

Once you start having an opinion and a right conscience then you will not have to follow anybody else's footsteps, you will be the creator of the path of your own destiny. You will be a self made man, people will always have time to question your beliefs as most of them are leading a mundane and robotic life-style. What would determine the rightness of your conscience? Things which you would be doing later in your life, whether those affect the society in a positive manner at large or not, the answer is as simple as that. Determination, self-belief, confidence and blessings from all those people around you, will be the fuel and once you are up to it, no one will be able to stop you.

Note: Sorry for being so late, I will be posting regularly. Thank you for being regular readers.

Monday, September 19, 2016


There are thousands of people around you, you find hundred more everyday; talk or interact with fifty new characters some other day. It is really not possible to know each and every one of them, but you are one. Are you really one? Today, this world exists because of prejudice and so most people intentionally or unintentionally prove that. No, you are not one; you are equal to the number of people who notice you every day, now you will try to create an equation of your amount by putting limits and continuity. Every pair of eye which notices you is controlled by a brain which has a unique sense of prejudice and that prejudice creates a different character of you and hence you are not one.
You are travelling on a bus, you are carrying your bag as you always do and people who create different forms of you notice you mostly because of your dress, your hair and your bag. One day you hit a man with your bag, the man looks at you with disgust as if the hit was intentional. Now he was one of the thousands of people who are around you, yet he thought that the hit was intentional. When do you actually hit a person? You hit a person, either when you are really angry on someone or when you have known that person for years; but he was none of them. Still he thought that the hit was intentional as he had prejudged you, he had predetermined or he had calculated an image of you after the hit, with the help of his prejudice.
Do your friends know you, or do you know your friends? All of us judge each other by the faces and faces are not always real. You behave nicely with some, badly with a few and do not behave at all with some and respective images and impressions are created and hence you are different for different kinds of friends, yet you call them friends or family, just because you know their names and place they come from or the virtual knot that exists. If you have not yet known yourself, how can you afford to know someone else? Do you know yourself? Who are you?


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Confining the self!

This world is one crazy place and we have made it crazier by creating differences amongst ourselves. We do not believe in humanity anymore, all we care about is religion, caste, sex and money. The differences were created centuries ago and in order to balance those differences people are creating more chaos. There is a very common belief that boys get more freedom than girls and many such differences exist among the two major types of sexes and all those differences were created by some anonymous people.
Let us try to understand this by going through a simple conversation between a girl and a boy;
Boy: I don’t like that girl; she goes out with other boys although she is married.
Girl: I don’t think she is doing anything wrong, why can’t she go out, is it only because she is a girl?
Boy: No, it is not like that.
Girl: Boys can do anything, but if a girl does the same thing, then there are consequences.
Boy: if a married boy, that too my friend would do the same thing, I would not have liked him either. It is not about a boy or a girl.
What do you make out of the conversation? Well there are two angles to the conversation, what the girl is saying is correct and what the boy is trying to say is also not wrong, here comes the point of commotion, if you try to simplify this thing, that will result in a debate and ultimately a virtual fight. If equality can be or could be achieved by everyone doing the same thing then you would not make anyone your ideals. If girls start doing what boys do and what boys do as they think it is cool, then this equality should be straight away thrown in a dustbin. Most of the times we get inspired by the evil things, for instance, people know Bob Marley as an icon of weed but not because of what he did. If boozing around or flirting or going out with random people creates equality then equality should not exist. What boys do is not at all a good thing; there should be a toll at that instead.
Yes, there are many differences and such differences should never exist. Boys can move out at any time of the day but restrictions exist for girls, such differences should not exist as people are changing with time. But ultimately at the end of the day, it is not always about freedom. We were created not only with different body part but also with a different soul and a different thought process; so if the girls start thinking like the boys, can you imagine the consequence? We will have fathers everywhere; we will not find a motherly figure anywhere. Motherly figure does not only mean a chef or a house wife but the touch of a female who is supposed to be a mother would be missing, everything will be harsh and we surely do not want that.

Today boys make ideals like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Bedi, Arundhati Bhattacharya and many more names exist and are increasing every day. You take a name of a male achiever and you will find a female competition, boys find it difficult in the class to score more marks but somewhere with the passage of time and the influence of the virtual world people are forgetting their goals and becoming victims of a disease called wannabism . Success is not only measured financially, it is measured by the effort you are making, by the amount of soul you put in the work and by the dedication and when one starts working for ones dream, these differences get nullified and nothing matters anymore.   

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


How much have we changed? Are we doing more work or are we studying more or are we making more discoveries? Actually we are doing the same things in a different manner and pretending to be super busy. People prefer the virtual world to perform any kind of work, be it official or personal. When you look around, do you find people who are doing official work in their virtual world and utilizing the resources? No, you do not; now people might call that invasion of privacy but the fact is people are busy doing nothing.
On a normal day if you move out without your smart-phone and without your headsets on, you will be able to experience the new world. The new world where people have dived so very deep that they do not have time for flesh and bones, people love binary codes, ironically most of them do not know what binary codes are and how those are linked to the virtual world(the common people who have been the biggest victims of this virtualization). You will hardly find anyone interacting with each other in buses or trains. Facebook passwords have become more important than ATM pins, people will give their ATM cards but not the profiles (none of them should be given).
That day is not far when everyone is going to face an identity crisis as people are forgetting what they really are; they are busy improving their virtual lives.            

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Have you realized lately that you are beautiful? You are different from others and unique in every possible manner. You are a person with a very different soul and the best thing about you is that you breathe, you breathe every single second and you have the ability to think but you don’t think that you are special. You might have identical pair of eyes and ears but you see things with a very different perspective and a sound which might be noise to others’ is melody for you. You might have an IQ just like your friend but you think in an improvised manner. This makes you different and you are beautiful.
No, the blue shirt does not make you look good, it is because of you that the shirt looks good; it is because of you that the shoes look perfect and you are unique that way. You are not causing any harm to anyone when you are thinking that you are perfect the way you are, imperfection is also a form of perfection. Perfectionists will not be able to lead an imperfect life but imperfect people will. There is beauty in everything you do, the way you speak and the way you interact. The mirror feels blessed to have you in front of itself every single morning.

Every single individual is ‘YOU’, only if you realize it and everyone is unique and beautiful. Life is beautiful and so are you, just open the knots of ego and let yourself go.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Generation !

Generation refers to a group of people who are born and who live at the same time. Generation gap is something which has been there since this cycle began and will remain until we become extinct. It has been a very common trend to blame people who belong to the so called other generation. Our elders reprimand us for being a bad generation and we laugh at today’s children for being a bad  generation.
Generation is not supposed to remain the same, it is the rule of the nature to change as change is the only thing which is permanent and it should be. People who are in their twenties now would claim that they had not even used a phone (mobile), even when they were in high school, most of them would. A phone which is available at rupees six thousand now would cost around twenty thousand then and however rich you are or you were, it matters and it would matter. A friend made everything clear one night, we were actually afraid of using such gadgets. One will not be able to deny that, we were very much afraid of the consequences.
Internet is easily available now and children prefer to ask Google about their problems instead of asking their parents or teachers, they are just one click away from all the answers. Google has now become the Gita and Quran. Today children are smarter and are leading happy and easy lives, the definition of difficulty has also changed and that is the reason everyone can differentiate; still there are children who do not get a glimpse of such virtual universe, somewhere in your mind you might think that those children are leading better lives.
The definition of childhood has changed too and the next fifty years might bring out something even newer or the stone may roll back to where it used o be. This is generation and it evolves.