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Life, endless it is!

Life has  now become a small cubicle where you are siting with dropped down revolving chair and the walls of the zones which you are assigned, form the horizon. You wake up, think about doing something new but the tiredness prevails and a tired brain is very harmful. From the outside everything will be fine but deep within you are tired of the same thing that is going on day in and day out.
What is the sole purpose? Have you ever tried to find out? Nobody is born with a purpose, we have to discover it. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, finding satisfaction in that is not your purpose, moving ahead and exploring becomes your purpose then. Our sole purpose should be to spread happiness and remain happy.
Life is like a waterfall, we cannot change the direction of the stream but yes we can go with the flow. We have to take risks otherwise we will remain at the bay. We need to start taking risks and stop following other's footsteps, instead we should pave our own path. We…
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What else !

Time and time again a question or an exclamation wakes you up or forces you to think and that is,' what else ! '  You are born, you learn to walk then you are introduced to education and when you are finally forced to realize that yes, your education is complete, the real game begins. For such a long period of time, you have been warming up just for the tournament to begin. Life is a knockout tournament, in which you have to play some compulsory matches and then it is the survival of the fittest and hence the knockout.
Life always tries to knock you out just to make you stronger and gives us an opportunity to hone your skills. Now, there are people who enjoy a smooth ride of life or they just enjoy everything that comes in their way and that is how life should be led. You do everything at the right time, at the right place and everything is set right and life goes on and this will definitely bring you a sense of satisfaction. Ironically, no human has ever been satisfied with …

Humane !

Definition of humane - having or showing compassion or benevolence. Is this definition enough ? No. We are living in a world where the population is growing almost exponentially and the quality of thoughts is being eroded with the flow of time. There is no conscience to hold our thoughts in the right place. It is as if everyone is run by the same thought process and the same targets. Everything has become so monotonous and mundane that people hardly find time to realize it.
We have become victims of technology and social network. It has rather become easier to express, you can get all kinds of emoticons and feelings on the social networking sites. Emotions are now cheap, those are just a click away and in moments those can even change. Now you might be feeling happy, the very next second you will be feeling annoyed. There is a temporary mental breakdown in this virtually permanent system.
We are building a world of robots with no emotions and humane has just become another word in the …

Gaining control !

Have you ever realized that you are losing control of your life?
You reach a point in life when you are no more sure of what is actually going around you and seem to be clueless, that is the time when you have to grab hold of the steering and steer your life in the right direction. A vehicle would be useless if it had only the accelerator, to make it useful it has a brake as well. So, you can can always stop. Stop the race which you are running, relax for sometime, look around and ponder.

You are not born to win a race, you are born to survive. This world is a huge place and no one has the time to think about what you are doing with your life. When you walk on the sidewalks and look around, you will find that everyone has transformed into mere machines with flesh and bones. When you start walking with them, you start resonating and suddenly the frequency somehow matches and you tend to lose the heat of the spark inside you.

Coming back to the vehicle perspective, a vehicle has a rear…

Wish !

What kind of life that would be when or where you get everything you wish for and you become everything you wish to be? Do you want that life?
Very few are born with that fortune. But struggle has a different taste altogether. A mixed taste of comfort and hardship. If you do not strive for something, you will be left weak.

Somethings are meant to be the way as those are. Nothing can be done and nothing can bring a change in the way those things are carried out. If you wish to reach out for the sky, you can surely reach it but it will still seem to be infinite. How far can you go? That is the real question.

Wishing to be like someone is useless. One should always try to be self, path will always be paved but it is one's own choice whether to choose a paved path or create a new one which others will follow.

Don't do different things!

People whom we idealize, do not do different things, they do things differently. In the process of becoming great or getting recognized people lose the track of time and sometimes the track itself that is the road. Instead of doing different things, we should do that thing which we are good at and that discovery is made with the passage of time. We should keep on trying new things until a certain age is reached and then time comes to hone one particular skill so that we do not end up become a goal-less creature. Settle down for sometime and then when a point of stagnation is reached, start exploring one more time. You do not have to have a license to explore, as you are exploring yourself and you are infinite, you will never be able to know your true potential until and unless you explore the depth of your soul and height of your thoughts.
Yes, people need to settle down at some point of time, but later on people do regret that as well. There is so much more to do, the world is ours …

ONE LIFE : make it count

Life is the best gift that you will ever receive and you keep getting it until the very last day. So, if you are alive, why waste time on silly things of the past? But one thing should always be kept in mind and that is the lessons learnt from the past. Seldom does the past act as a mirror which reminds you of the monster or the good person that you once used to be. Try to keep the good things from the past and such selective nature should be maintained in the present and the coming future as well.

As long as there is breath in your lungs, you should strive to make a change or be the change. One should always try to do good for others. It has never been about you, if you are alive does not mean that you forget everyone else. You have to learn to get along, make others realize that yes, they are alive as well. If someone helps you to discover your potential good, you do the same things too.

You have got only one life, make it count.On the verge of doing something great or extraordinar…